Vice, Thy Name Is Procrastination

Procrastination is a thing as evil as Sauron or Voldemort or Fox Network cancelling Firefly. How is it that I will gear myself up for a day of writing and then all of a sudden decide that there are a dozen other things that I need to do first?

Of course, doing the laundry is something of a necessity in this life, as is the grocery shopping. You could argue that checking email is also vital – what if someone has sent an urgent message and is waiting to hear back from me? But checking Gmail naturally leads to ‘a quick glance’ at Facebook and, before I know it, an hour has gone by and the notebook still has not been opened (although I am significantly better informed about my friends’ assorted tribulations and exultations).

After that, the procrastinating starts to get a bit ridiculous. I am perfectly happy to put up with my disgracefully filthy car for weeks and weeks and then, just as I am about to sit down and write, it is suddenly imperative that I take it to the car wash. So I end up with a shiny, clean car and the vaguest recollection that there was something else I was supposed to be doing.

It is a clear signal that my procrastination has reached new heights when I stare out the window and toy with the idea of weeding the overgrown garden. That is usually when I come to my senses and finally pick up my pen with renewed resolution. The simple act of writing down the date is a clever tactic as it forces me to follow it up with at least a sentence or two. The third sentence comes a little easier, the fourth one almost flows, and at last I am no longer looking for distractions.

The neighbours will just have to look out at the weeds for a little longer.

4 thoughts on “Vice, Thy Name Is Procrastination

  1. Dad says:

    Sounds very much like my day/s too! I like to milk the sun at this time of year so all those planned for jobs get pushed back for the “rainy” day, which should be mostly every day given our weather but when or where to start……….then I get a burst of energy and success. What a pleasure to tick off those entries in the to do diary.


    • Susie G. says:

      Absolutely, I love that satisfying feeling when I get jobs done, particularly when I’ve avoided tackling them for far too long. But the author in me prefers it when those completed tasks are writing-related rather than car-related!


  2. Mam xxxxx says:

    We all fall into the trap of ‘procrastination’ Sus. I caught the sleeve of my top in a door handle a week and a half ago. I washed the top, left it with the ironing, left it on its own when the ironing was done, ironed it the next time I was ironing and left it on the hanger. Just finished another load of ironing and it is still staring at me. However, I did just bring my sewing box downstairs ……………………. but now I have to write an email to my cousin in Boston as it’s his Mam’s Anniversary today – maybe sewing later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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