In Honour of #ThrowbackThursday…

The phenomenon of #ThrowbackThursday is an interesting exercise in nostalgia and I thought I would get on the bandwagon by taking a look back at some of my past – very, very past! – writings.

Sadly, my earliest attempts have been lost in the depths of time. My very first completed story was called The Rabbits’ Journey and it was, quite unashamedly, a direct copy of Watership Down. Richard Adams’s tale of a band of plucky rabbits going in search of a new home was my favourite book growing up so – what do you know? – my debut novel (all eleven pages of it) was about a band of plucky rabbits going in search of a new home. Still, I was immeasurably proud of the finished product and I remember binding it with red ribbons and presenting it to my sister as her Christmas present (bet she was sorry she spent money on her gift to me that year…). Current whereabouts of this precious manuscript are unknown.

Other endeavours included reams of boarding school stories (of course influenced by Malory Towers, St Clare’s and The Naughtiest Girl series – cheers, Enid). I had actually created quite a body of work here (typing it up on our computer which was still running on Windows ’95) until I decided it wasn’t very good so  I chose to delete it all and start from scratch. But then I lost interest and the meagre beginnings of the replacement boarding school saga were abandoned on some floppy disks now sitting uselessly in the attic. I always regretted deleting it afterwards; since then I have operated on the very firm principle of Never Get Rid Of A Story, You Don’t Know What It Might Become In The Future And Even If It’s No Good It’s Still Fun To Look Back On It.

Which means I have plenty of evidence of everything else I wrote! Here are a few samples…

Ideas for stories

I used to keep lists of ideas for stories, believing that I would one day write them all. Riveting, aren’t they? Plenty of plagiarism in there too – at least I was being honest with Idea No. 61!


Sample spelling

If nothing else, writing stories was a great ‘opportunity’ to help improve my spelling.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction

Most of my ideas never made it onto paper and many that I started were never finished, but I did complete a couple of fan fiction novels for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thus combining my two greatest interests (read: obsessions) in my teens.


Volume One, Chapter One

I was very ambitious with this one – not only ‘Chapter One’ but ‘Volume One’! I don’t think I made it past the second page…


Acute Embarrassment

I liked writing in different colours…


A Pair of Shoes

…and I could even write in italics…


Lists of Names

Never stuck for inspiration for a name…


Leaving notes for others

Most cringeworthy of all. At least my 2002 self was less of a featherhead!

So now, after meandering down this memory lane, I’d better go and write something new to add to a future #TBT collection… 🙂

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