Publication date and cover reveal!

In my last blog post, I said that I was about to embark on my final read through of my soon-to-be-published novel, A Class Apart. Well, that quick job took a full week…! But I’m delighted to announce that it’s finished at last, and it’s now time to push my baby out of the nest.

So today I am going to announce the publication date for A Class Apart and also reveal the cover for it. Eek, I’m so excited!

The beginning, June 2002 (inside)But before I do that, I’d like to take you back exactly sixteen years ago to 20th June 2002. I was sixteen, I had just completed my Junior Certificate exams, and the summer stretched out before me. Instead of lazing about like a teenager should, I opened my pristine Buffy the Vampire Slayer notebook and put pen to paper to write the first words of a story that has since gone on a very long journey.

The beginning, June 2002 (outside)

Practically nothing remains from that earliest version; my writing style has totally changed, the story has evolved so much, and not even the names of the characters stayed the same. But those tentative explorations in neon orange ink were the genesis of what has become A Class Apart, the first book in my historical fiction series, A Matter of Class. Which means that these characters have been with me for a full half of my life. I am so scared and exhilarated to be sharing them with the world at long last.

And when is that going to happen? I’m thrilled to announce the release date is:

Tuesday, 10th July 2018

From that day, A Class Apart will be available to purchase in ebook or paperback form on Amazon. It will also be available for free with Kindle Unlimited as I am going to enrol it in KDP Select for at least three months.

A few people have asked me whether I’ll be holding a book launch of some kind. The answer is both yes and no. Yes, in that I will be launching the book online on a specific date and promoting it around that time. No, in that I won’t be holding a physical launch in a bookshop, which is probably what most people would have pictured. As a self-publisher, I need to always keep my target demographic in mind, and the majority of them will encounter my book in the online world. So that’s where I will be! But I’ll be hosting a virtual party on Facebook and Twitter so, if you’d like to, you can join me for a virtual cocktail on the day. 😉

And now for the cover reveal! Getting the cover designed is a really fun part of publishing a book. My cover designer is Andrew Brown at Design for Writers and I cannot recommend him enough. Throughout the process, he was so friendly and helpful and I knew that my book was in very capable hands. He gave me three cover options which I sent to my newsletter subscribers to ask for their opinion (if you would like to be involved in future decisions like this, be sure to sign up to my newsletter!). After a lot of consideration and a few tweaks, here is the final design:

A Class Apart book cover medium

I think it strikes the right tone for historical fiction and conveys the setting for my book very nicely. I absolutely adore it and I hope you like it too!

And lastly, here’s the blurb for the book. Regular followers might notice that it has changed quite a bit from an earlier version I shared on this blog, but it needed some alterations after the final edit was completed. Very special thanks to TL Harty and Averill Buchanan for their generous guidance in helping me with this challenging task (honestly, producing a 150-word blurb is as tough as producing an 80,000-word novel!).

A Class Apart

It’s 1828, and Ireland is in turmoil as Irish tenants protest against their upper-class English landlords.

Nineteen-year-old Bridget Muldowney is thrilled to return to the estate in Carlow she’ll inherit when she comes of age. But since she left for Dublin seven years earlier, the tomboy has become a refined young lady, engaged to be married to a dashing English gentleman.

Cormac McGovern, now a stable hand on the estate, has missed his childhood friend. He and Bridget had once been thick as thieves, running wild around the countryside together.

When Bridget and Cormac meet again their friendship begins to rekindle, but it’s different now they are adults. Bridget’s overbearing mother, determined to enforce the employer-servant boundaries, conspires with Bridget’s fiancé to keep the pair apart.

With the odds stacked against them, can Bridget and Cormac’s childhood attachment blossom into something more?


So now you know what my book looks like and when it will be going on sale. Stay tuned for more!

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