Book trailer: You Too Can Fall In Love

So I had this mad idea to put together a promotional video for my forthcoming novel, A Class Apart (releasing on July 10th). It seems to be all the rage these days to create a book trailer to help publicise your book, in the same way they make movie trailers for cinema and TV. Here’s a good example of a book trailer for Catherine Ryan Howard’s recent release, The Liar’s Girl (which is a crime novel, so it obviously strikes a very different tone to my own genre of historical fiction, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s suitably creepy).

I felt I couldn’t go about this in quite the usual fashion though. Trying to make a video for a historical fiction novel – and getting it right in terms of set and period costumes – would have been a logistical and financial nightmare.

So I decided to take a different slant on it. I wonder what you’ll make of this!

I doubt it’s what you’d expect from a book trailer but at the very least I hope it gave you a giggle! It doesn’t reveal a huge amount about the book itself but my aim is to give potential readers a sense of how they might feel reading it. If they like books where they fall in love with the characters, then this should convey the message that my book is for them!

The video nearly didn’t come to fruition at all. I actually wrote the script for it back in 2015 and only this year attempted to go about making it. The big hurdle to jump was finding a dress for the shop window scene that would suit the time period of the 1820s. I spent weeks scouring websites for something that would fall within my limited budget (of course, there was plenty out there if I wanted to spend TONS of money) and eventually decided to go looking for a dress in person. I made a map of seventeen vintage shops in Dublin and prepared myself for a long day trudging from one to the next, essentially searching for a needle in a haystack.

And then I found it in the first shop I went into. As my dad always says, it’s better to be born lucky than rich!

The next challenge was to find an establishment willing to let me film their shop window. And I found it right next door! Full of luck that day, I was.

Betty Bojangles

After that, I roped my long-suffering husband and an obliging friend into filming the scenes with me, which we did over the Easter weekend. Happily, both my husband and I studied video production in college so the technical side of filming and editing was the most straightforward part of the whole process!

Huge thanks go to all the people who helped me along the way with this project:

  • Everyone who offered suggestions about sourcing a period costume, especially Eppie
  • Charlie, Emma and Marie at Betty Bojangles in Smithfield, Dublin, who were so accommodating about doing a film shoot there
  • Bob and Fiona for generously agreeing to be in the video

I hope you enjoyed the finished product! Do feel free to pass it on to others if you think it will tickle their sense of humour or perhaps pique their interest in my book!

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