How to get your hands on a free short story

In a matter of just four days on July 10th, I will be officially releasing my debut novel, A Class Apart, which is the first instalment in my historical fiction series A Matter of Class. The series, beginning in Ireland in 1828, follows heiress Bridget and stable hand Cormac who are on opposite sides of the class divide – and because of that society says they shouldn’t fall in love. I’m very excited to introduce you to these characters, who have been my secret companions for the past sixteen years.

And I find I can’t wait until publication day to do that! So I have written a short story which acts as a prequel to the series, taking place seven years before A Class Apart begins. It gives you a little glimpse into the lives of a younger Bridget and Cormac before a certain event changes everything for them. It’s called When Class Began to Matter.

When Class Began To Matter

How can you get your hands on it? Simple – if you’re already subscribed to my newsletter, just sit back and wait for it to arrive in your inbox in the near future. If you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s your chance! I will only be sharing the story via my newsletter so do make sure to sign up here to get an exclusive first look at these characters and the beginning of their story.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as a precursor to the main event!

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