A Class Apart is now available!

Publication day is here! My debut novel, A Class Apart, is now available to purchase in ebook or paperback form on all Amazon platforms.

A Class Apart book cover

I think I need to pinch myself. 🙂 🙂

I could not have reached this wonderful stage by myself. There are so many amazing people I need to thank and I have done that over on my Acknowledgements page. On top of all those named, my deepest gratitude goes to each and every person who asked me how I was getting on with my writing, liked and commented on my posts, wished me luck, or offered me help in any shape or form. Your lovely words and kind gestures gave me the encouragement to keep going. You are all legends.

So I’m a published author now, can you believe it? And what cooler way to prove it than to link to my first author interview! My sincere thanks to author Pam Lecky for inviting me into her library for a chat. You can read the interview here.

(Stay tuned for another interview scheduled for tomorrow!)

As a reminder, here are the book blurb and book trailer for A Class Apart. And if you would like to receive a copy of When Class Began To Matter (a free short story that’s a prequel to the novel), just sign up to my newsletter and you’ll get it straight to your inbox!

For the rest of today you can find me hanging out on my Facebook and Twitter pages. As it’s a virtual launch party, I’ll be sharing a picture of the celebratory cocktail I plan to enjoy this evening (how lucky am I to have an ex-bartender for a husband?). Feel free to pop on over and ask a question or have a chat! What will be your celebratory drink at the party?

Thank you to everyone who has followed me on my writing journey, and I hope you will stick with me – there will be five more books in this series!

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