Listen to Tipp FM interview

Yesterday, I did my second radio interview to promote A Class Apart. This one was a bit different to my first interview with Dublin City FM because, instead of conducting it over the phone, I actually went to the Tipp FM studio in Clonmel. It was pretty cool to see the studio suite set up with the microphones and equipment, and to meet the presenter of Tipp Today, Fran Curry.

Tipp FM studio suite

We chatted about lots of different things, including:

  • my background in music teaching
  • writing English essays at school
  • female authors who inspired me
  • how many years the whole A Matter of Class series spans
  • countering the label of ‘chick lit’
  • writing from a male perspective
  • choosing to self-publish

Listening back to it afterwards, I can say one lesson I’ve learned is to drastically cut down the amount of times I say ‘you know’!

You can listen to the interview on Tipp FM’s SoundCloud, where you’ll also see a picture of me and Fran together in the studio. Alternatively, just click on the audio clip below.


Many thanks to Tipp FM for having me in the studio – it was a great experience!

Outside Tipp FM

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