How would you like to read A Class Entwined before it’s published?

That’s right! My second novel, A Class Entwined, is going to be released in early 2019 (date to be announced soon), but I want to give YOU the chance to read it first!

All you need to do right now is subscribe to my newsletter and wait to hear more. I will be sending out a newsletter shortly that will tell you exactly how you can get your hands on an advanced ebook copy of A Class Entwined.

A Class Entwined is the sequel to A Class Apart and it is the second instalment in my A Matter of Class series. I am so excited to share this book with you and can’t wait for you to find out what happens next for Bridget and Cormac.

And there are even more good reasons to subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive a free short storyWhen Class Began To Matter, which is a prequel to the whole series. On top of that, my editor and I have just put the finishing touches to the blurb for A Class Entwined, and this week Design for Writers started the process of designing the cover. I will be revealing both the blurb and the cover first via my newsletter so if you want to see them before anyone else, be sure to sign up now.

Book cover question mark

What will the cover for A Class Entwined look like…?

I will be looking for your input so do make sure you sign up to let me know what you think!

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