Book 2: A Class Entwined

A Class Entwined is the second volume in Susie Murphy’s six-part historical fiction series A Matter of Class.

A Class Entwined - medium

A Class Entwined (A Matter of Class Book 2)

Trapped in a loveless marriage far from home, Bridget does what she can to fill her lonely days. She throws herself into charitable work, but her cherished daughter, Emily, is her only true source of happiness.

Meanwhile, Cormac’s own life unravels and he finds himself doing unspeakable things just to survive.

Neither of them dream they will ever meet again, but fate brings them back together in the most unexpected of ways.

Can Bridget rediscover her love for the man Cormac has become? And how will Cormac react when he learns Bridget’s secret?

A Class Entwined is the second book in Susie Murphy’s A Matter of Class series.


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