Guest posts & Articles

Here are links to Susie Murphy’s guest posts and articles on other websites:

  • 2018, August 17th

Article in the Tipperary Star, which covers Susie’s local connection to Thurles, Co Tipperary, and her plans for the whole A Matter of Class series. Click here.

  • 2018, August 9th

Guest post on A Writer of History, in which Susie writes about transporting readers in time and place and the research required to accomplish that. Click here.

  • 2018, August 1st

Article on, in which Susie describes her route to publication, from exploratory scribbles as an eleven-year-old to the release of A Class Apart. Click here.

  • 2018, March 18th

Guest post on The Cat’s Write, in which Susie talks about her love of history and why rabbits are her favourite animals. Click here.