Here are links to Susie Murphy’s interviews:

  • 2018, August 7th

Interview with Fran Curry on Tipp FM, in which Susie talks about finding English hard in school and why she was glad to receive rejections from traditional publishers. Click here to listen on Tipp FM’s SoundCloud or click on the audio clip below.


  • 2018, July 21st

Interview with Yvette Poufong on Dublin City FM, in which Susie talks about the challenges and successes of self-publishing and her advice to budding authors. Click below.


  • 2018, July 11th

Interview with author Ashley O’Melia, in which Susie talks about the amount of research that goes into historical fiction and why she doesn’t drink tea or coffee. Click here.

  • 2018, July 10th

Interview with author Pam Lecky, in which Susie talks about who the biggest influence on her writing is and what book she would read if the earth was facing oblivion. Click here.