Good news! (And a peek at some old diary entries)

I’m in the process of moving house and, in the middle of the arduous task of clearing out the attic, I stumbled across some of my old diaries. These made for very entertaining reading which I will shortly share with you.

Before that though, I have something else to share – good news! I recently sent off the manuscript for A Class Entwined (Book 2 in my A Matter of Class series) to my editor for a manuscript assessment. I then spent a few weeks biting my nails as I anxiously awaited her feedback. Last week, she got in touch. And I’m so excited to say that she came back with Continue reading

Why I’ve been a bit quiet online lately

This is what I like to categorise as a diary post – a catch up on some things that are happening in my ‘real life’ at the moment. These things aren’t writing-related, but you could say they’re having an effect on my writing all the same. (If this doesn’t interest you and you’re just here to learn more about my books, fear not – head on over to my newsletter to stay up to date with all the news on my A Matter of Class series!)

So what’s been going on in the offline world for me? Not one but two major points of upheaval: I’ve changed Continue reading

They say a change is as good as a rest – but a rest does the job too

Back in April, I wrote a post about not breaking the chain, which involved making sure I did at least one writing-related task every single day. Having started the chain on the 3rd of January this year, I am pleased to announce that I kept it going for 185 days straight. Despite the best of intentions, however, I knew that I would have to break the chain eventually and ended up doing so on the 7th of July.

But I broke it in spectacular fashion and have in fact taken almost a month off from writing…! This was in order to Continue reading

“Ireland Is…”

I’m delighted to share a wonderful video of a poem entitled “Ireland Is…” with you today.  It is a collaborative effort by members of a Facebook group called Oh My God What A Complete Aisling (OMGWACA) and is about how important home is to us all. The lines of the poem were recorded by over eighty members, collated by Aidan Strangeman and edited together by Bob Murphy (my husband!). At times hilarious, unforgiving, nostalgic and moving, it will resonate with people both at home and abroad.

The video has been produced to help raise funds for Continue reading

2016: Time to take stock

Another year has passed which means it’s time to look back over 2016 and assess how it went!

December 2016On a global scale, I think many people are in agreement that the year has been something of a disaster, with regard to both international politics and the loss of numerous celebrity greats. On a personal level, I’ve found it to be a year of bad luck in quite a few different aspects, although there were memorable moments too, including special weddings of very close friends. But, for the purposes of this blog, the question is how did I fare out in writing terms?

My final post of 2015 included these words: “2016 will see Continue reading

The Power of Music

I am a piano teacher by day and a writer by every-other-chance-I-can-get, so today I’d like to combine the two and write about music. Specifically, about the powerful impact music can have.

Everyone has experienced it. You hear a tune and it transports you to another place, or brings you back to your childhood, or reminds you of a special person in your life, or instils a strong emotion. Sometimes it’s not possible to Continue reading

The triumphs and tribulations of a piano teacher

This is off my usual topic of writing but, as we approach the end of another school year, it feels like a good time to talk about my day job. I now have seven years of piano teaching under my belt and over that period I have come to realise certain things about this particular profession. So here are some of my observations on being a piano teacher!

To begin with, I’ll describe the different types of students Continue reading

Diary Entry: County Pride

The Gaelic Athletic Association of Ireland has a lot to answer for. It gave birth to a beast that creates rifts in families, causes even the most level-headed folk to turn fanatical and deranged, and inspires a profound and unshakeable loyalty and pride.

I am speaking, of course, of the ruthless and magnificent game of hurling.

The Irish people as a population have an incredibly strong sense of identity – pit us against any other country in the world and we will rally together in a single force. But when it comes to inter-county relations we will Continue reading