Farewell to the blog – but it’s not the end…

I started this blog almost exactly six years ago, publishing my first blog post on 20th April 2013. Over that time, I have published 130 posts and have maintained a minimum frequency of at least one post per month. These are very modest numbers compared to other bloggers who blog every week or even every day, but I’m still happy with the content I’ve created over the years.

However, I have recently made the decision to retire my blog! Well, I may not get rid of Continue reading

Maintaining a consistent brand across all platforms (and ironing out some techy problems)

In this post I’m going to talk about having a consistent author brand and I’ll also outline how to carry out certain techy tasks in relation to that, which I hope will help others!

After making the decision to self-publish my first novel this year, I realised this would also be a good opportunity to spruce up my online presence. I’ve talked about this before in 2015 and at the time carried out a revamp across all my social media platforms, but the passage of three years left me no longer satisfied with the changes I had made. Time for Continue reading

A fleeting focus on facts and figures (with fireworks)

Usually, when January comes, WordPress delivers a Year in Review report with statistics about the views, posts, comments, etc., on your blog over the past year. They throw in some fireworks too which is always a cheerful sight (here’s the 2015 report for illustration). Unfortunately, their resources didn’t allow for such a service this year which meant I was obliged to go digging for the details myself.  Most of it turned out to be available in the admin section of the site so here are a few points I’ve put together!

In 2016, my website accumulated: Continue reading

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Or a lawsuit.

I had a panicky moment a few days ago when I came across this post online. It was written by a blogger who had a pretty awful experience after she used an image she found on the internet in one of her blog posts. The photographer who owned the picture sent her a takedown notice and then demanded compensation for her use of the image. You can read the full story if you follow the link, but in short the whole affair involved lawyers, money and stress – all for the sake of one random photo which she did not really need.

Of course, when I read the blog post my mind buzzed straight away to the images on my own blog that didn’t belong to me. I have never used a picture that I knew for certain was copyrighted, but Continue reading

Snazzy New Website with a Shiny Newsletter

This post includes info on how to get a sneak preview of my first book’s cover design so do make sure you read on!

It’s been nearly three years since I set up my website so I decided it was time to jazz it up a bit. I’ve changed the theme, taken down outdated material and added some new items to make it more relevant to where I am right now in my writing career. The About My Books page provides details about A Matter of Class, the series I am hoping to get published in the future, while the About Me page might give you a bit of a giggle.

The most important new feature I’ve added to the site is Continue reading

2015 in Review

WordPress has delivered my blog statistics for 2015, which you can view at the link below. It’s really interesting (for me anyway!) to look back over the year and see which of my posts had the most views or comments or where in the world my website’s visitors hailed from. One of my writing aims for 2016 is Continue reading

A Decision Has Been Made…

Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’ve finally come to a resolution on the issue of the G. And the decision is that I’m going to let it go.

My main reason is this: my ultimate goal is not to be a blogger but a published writer, therefore my name needs to be in an appropriate form for the cover of a book, regardless of whether that book might end up being traditionally published or self-published. Think about it – have you ever seen Continue reading

Should I Lose The G?

I am having something of an identity crisis.

Writers, particularly writers who self-publish, have to build very heavily on their brand – and their brand is their name. The most successful writers (King, Rowling and the like) can sell a book based on their name alone – people will buy it without even knowing what it’s about, simply because they know who wrote it and they know that person’s writing is good.

For the smaller fish in the sea, it is important to Continue reading