Good news! (And a peek at some old diary entries)

I’m in the process of moving house and, in the middle of the arduous task of clearing out the attic, I stumbled across some of my old diaries. These made for very entertaining reading which I will shortly share with you.

Before that though, I have something else to share – good news! I recently sent off the manuscript for A Class Entwined (Book 2 in my A Matter of Class series) to my editor for a manuscript assessment. I then spent a few weeks biting my nails as I anxiously awaited her feedback. Last week, she got in touch. And I’m so excited to say that she came back with Continue reading

In Honour of #ThrowbackThursday…

The phenomenon of #ThrowbackThursday is an interesting exercise in nostalgia and I thought I would get on the bandwagon by taking a look back at some of my past – very, very past! – writings.

Sadly, my earliest attempts have been lost in the depths of time. My very first completed story was called The Rabbits’ Journey and it was, quite unashamedly, a direct copy of Watership Down. Richard Adams’s tale of a band of plucky rabbits going in search of a new home was my favourite book growing up so – what do you know? – my debut novel (all eleven pages of it) was about a band of plucky rabbits going in search of a new home. Still, Continue reading