Farewell to the blog – but it’s not the end…

I started this blog almost exactly six years ago, publishing my first blog post on 20th April 2013. Over that time, I have published 130 posts and have maintained a minimum frequency of at least one post per month. These are very modest numbers compared to other bloggers who blog every week or even every day, but I’m still happy with the content I’ve created over the years.

However, I have recently made the decision to retire my blog! Well, I may not get rid of Continue reading

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Or a lawsuit.

I had a panicky moment a few days ago when I came across this post online. It was written by a blogger who had a pretty awful experience after she used an image she found on the internet in one of her blog posts. The photographer who owned the picture sent her a takedown notice and then demanded compensation for her use of the image. You can read the full story if you follow the link, but in short the whole affair involved lawyers, money and stress – all for the sake of one random photo which she did not really need.

Of course, when I read the blog post my mind buzzed straight away to the images on my own blog that didn’t belong to me. I have never used a picture that I knew for certain was copyrighted, but Continue reading