A Class Entwined – release date and cover reveal!

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago I made the decision to self-publish my historical fiction series, and now I’m about to announce the release of my second book!

I published A Class Apart, the first instalment in my series A Matter of Class, in July 2018 and I can now reveal that the second instalment, A Class Entwined, will come out on 1st February 2019. This date is particularly apt as it is the feast day of St Brigid, who is one of the patron saints of Ireland and the person after whom Continue reading

How would you like to read A Class Entwined before it’s published?

That’s right! My second novel, A Class Entwined, is going to be released in early 2019 (date to be announced soon), but I want to give YOU the chance to read it first!

All you need to do right now is subscribe to my newsletter and wait to hear more. I will be sending out a newsletter shortly that will tell you exactly how you can get your hands on an advanced ebook copy of A Class Entwined.

A Class Entwined is the Continue reading

Publication date and cover reveal!

In my last blog post, I said that I was about to embark on my final read through of my soon-to-be-published novel, A Class Apart. Well, that quick job took a full week…! But I’m delighted to announce that it’s finished at last, and it’s now time to push my baby out of the nest.

So today I am going to announce the publication date for A Class Apart and also reveal Continue reading

Get an exclusive first look at my book cover design

Getting the cover designed for my book, A Class Apart, is an exciting stage in the self-publishing process. At last I’ll be able to visualise it in images rather than words and picture it sitting on a bookshelf like a real book!

A Class Apart is the first instalment in my historical fiction series, A Matter of Class, so it’s important that the genre is very clear from the cover. I began the design process for it with my cover designer a few weeks ago and am due to get a first look at it sometime next week. I’m so eager to see it and I want you to share in the excitement! If you’d like to join me in Continue reading

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover – But You Always Do!

In May and June this year, I had the very interesting experience of getting a book cover designed.

Why did I decide to do this? Well, at the time I had almost completely made up my mind to go down the self-publishing route and I knew that, if I was going to put any money into that venture, it had to go on the book cover. The cover is the first thing a reader sees and, regardless of the old adage, it matters a whole lot:

1) If a book’s cover looks cheap or poorly produced, that will turn the reader off from the outset, leading them to think that Continue reading