Radio interview on Dublin City FM

Last Saturday, July 21st, I did my first author interview on live radio.¬†Many thanks to Yvette Poufong and Dublin City FM for featuring me on their Saturday brunch show. I have to admit there were a few nails bitten before the interview that morning but I think it went all right in the end! I’ve included the audio clip below – it’s just over 16 minutes.

Among the things Yvette and I chatted about Continue reading

The Smell Of A Good Book

I had great pleasure in doing something very simple today. I walked into a bookshop and breathed in.

Regrettably, it has been quite a while since I last experienced this phenomenon but nothing about it has changed – there was still that same feeling of anticipation and the sense that hundreds of worlds of possibility were tantalisingly close to my fingertips; all I had to do was reach out and seize them. I was vividly reminded of Continue reading