The undisputed queen of the genre

I am speaking, of course, of Georgette Heyer and the genre she essentially invented: historical romance. This corner of the book market tends to be flooded with titles, some good and some of rather more questionable quality, but a Georgette Heyer book is always a highly reliable choice. I find her to be the literary equivalent of comfort food, and turn to her whenever I want a nice love story.

I have written about her before but I’ve read two more of her books over the last few months and wanted to reiterate my admiration. I’m just so impressed by how well she immerses a reader in the settings and social interactions of the 19th century. One of my Continue reading

Now THIS Is The Kind Of Historical Romance I Want To Read…

After reading a number of historical romances which I felt were lacking in both quality of content and standard of publication, I have finally found a book that has set my romantic heart aflutter. And no surprise that the author is known as the queen of historical romance. Her name is Georgette Heyer and the book I read actually contained two of her stories, Devil’s Cub and False Colours. These were an unusual pairing as Continue reading