When is the best time to release a book?

So I’ve been a bit quiet online of late as I’ve spent the past seven weeks buried in edits on my historical fiction novel. But I’m about to embark on my final read through which means – eek! – I’m getting quite close to setting a publication date!

Naturally, as a self-publisher I want to do everything as well as I can and operate as close to the professional standards of a traditional publisher in every way possible. Therefore one question on my mind has been timing: WHEN should I do this? I really need to get this part right because once the book is released there is no going back.

I have consulted two self-publishing books which mention Continue reading

Time for a terrifying announcement

This is it. After much deliberating, some dithering, a dash of doubt, and a dollop of determination, I have come to a daring decision.

I am going to self-publish my historical fiction series, A Matter of Class.

I’m choosing not to look at this as a last resort, even though it might seem that way! True, I have not had any concrete success so far in submitting to agents and publishers the traditional way, but I do still have Continue reading

My most promising rejection yet…!

Yep, I am going to wear that oxymoron like a badge of honour. I got a really good rejection, folks!

Those of you who have been following my progress on the precarious path to publication may remember the post I wrote before Christmas describing how, at the end of a seven-month-long submission process, I was unfortunately unsuccessful with a publisher in the States.

However, the acquisitions editor with whom I had been dealing offered Continue reading

I came REALLY close this time…

Getting published is my ultimate writing goal and this year I came the closest I ever have to achieving it.

It’s a clich√© but the thrill of having my dream within reach like this was akin to experiencing a rollercoaster ride – although this particular rollercoaster could probably be best described as swift loops of elation interspersed with long periods of hanging upside down at the top waiting for something to happen. The publishing industry is, above all else, Continue reading