Maintaining a consistent brand across all platforms (and ironing out some techy problems)

In this post I’m going to talk about having a consistent author brand and I’ll also outline how to carry out certain techy tasks in relation to that, which I hope will help others!

After making the decision to self-publish my first novel this year, I realised this would also be a good opportunity to spruce up my online presence. I’ve talked about this before in 2015 and at the time carried out a revamp across all my social media platforms, but the passage of three years left me no longer satisfied with the changes I had made. Time for Continue reading

A fleeting focus on facts and figures (with fireworks)

Usually, when January comes, WordPress delivers a Year in Review report with statistics about the views, posts, comments, etc., on your blog over the past year. They throw in some fireworks too which is always a cheerful sight (here’s the 2015 report for illustration). Unfortunately, their resources didn’t allow for such a service this year which meant I was obliged to go digging for the details myself.  Most of it turned out to be available in the admin section of the site so here are a few points I’ve put together!

In 2016, my website accumulated: Continue reading