This book really makes me want to become an editor

I’ve read a book that has left me itching to attack it with a red pen, so much so that I’m going to dissect it here and say what I would have done if I had been the book’s editor. This is not to say that I thought the book was all bad – in fact, I really liked its premise and judged it to have a lot of potential. It was the execution of the story and the writing that left me disappointed. So, rather than looking at this as a criticism of what the book was, I’d rather view it as a lament for what it could have been.

Alert No.1: In writing this post, I do not claim to be better than professional editors working in the industry. This is my subjective opinion which stemmed from my reading experience of the book in question.

Alert No.2: To speak about the book’s strengths and shortcomings, I will be revealing much of the storyline. Therefore don’t read on if you’d like to avoid spoilers!

So what’s the book? It’s called So Much Owed by Jean Grainger, a work of historical fiction set in Ireland and Continue reading

‘Bright’s Passage’ by Josh Ritter

I’ve been reading three books concurrently over the last month or so (an audio book in my car, a fat book that lives on my nightstand, and a slimmer book that I can carry around in my handbag), and I have just finished them all around the same time, so here are three book reviews in a row, starting with Bright’s Passage by Josh Ritter, which I listened to on audio book and which is read by the author himself.

Bright's Passage by Josh Ritter

My signed copy!

This is a slightly obscure book, because Josh Ritter is generally not known as a novelist but as a singer/songwriter. I’ve been an avid fan of his music for the best part of a decade and have always admired Continue reading