A fleeting focus on facts and figures (with fireworks)

Usually, when January comes, WordPress delivers a Year in Review report with statistics about the views, posts, comments, etc., on your blog over the past year. They throw in some fireworks too which is always a cheerful sight (here’s the 2015 report for illustration). Unfortunately, their resources didn’t allow for such a service this year which meant I was obliged to go digging for the details myself.  Most of it turned out to be available in the admin section of the site so here are a few points I’ve put together!

In 2016, my website accumulated: Continue reading

2015 in Review

WordPress has delivered my blog statistics for 2015, which you can view at the link below. It’s really interesting (for me anyway!) to look back over the year and see which of my posts had the most views or comments or where in the world my website’s visitors hailed from. One of my writing aims for 2016 is Continue reading