The Lunar Chronicles – how is it possible that not everyone is talking about this?

Seriously. I can’t fathom the fact that this young adult series has not yet taken the whole world by storm in the manner of Twilight or The Hunger Games. I have only ever come across one online source talking about it, apart from making a deliberate search to find out more. People need to get on this bandwagon. The Lunar Chronicles is unbelievably brilliant.

The place where I heard about it was Continue reading

‘The Hunger Games’ Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Next up on my book review list is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, comprising The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Katniss Everdeen is a sixteen-year-old girl living in a dystopian future America, called Panem, where the Capitol rules over its twelve subjugated districts. Every year, the Capitol selects two children from each district to fight to the death in a televised arena. In the first book, Katniss’s sister is chosen for the Games and she volunteers to go in her place to save her. This act triggers a sequence of events which Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 6

Sorry for the delay in getting this next chapter up online but I’ve been working towards a couple of other writing deadlines since the New Year so unfortunately Below Ground was temporarily placed lower on the priority list. Chapter 6 is finally here, however, and I hope it was worth waiting for! In it we will see how Ruth and Benjamin try to make their escape from the underground colony. This is the last chapter which I will be uploading from this novel for now but I hope to make it available in another form in the future!

Chapter 6

 Ruth was waiting for them all to fall asleep. Next to her on the mattress her mother was slumbering soundly and there was no sound from Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of Below Ground is finally ready for viewing. Just to refresh your memory, Chapter 4 ended with Ruth discovering a secret cave underground – but now she is in danger of being discovered herself…


Chapter 5

Ruth sighed inwardly as she stood motionless in the darkness. Lately, it seemed that she had no luck at all. She strained to listen to the two unwelcome individuals who had unknowingly cornered her in yet another act of wrongdoing. Their voices carried Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 4

So here is Chapter 4 of my current novel, Below Ground. As some time has passed since I uploaded Chapter 3, I am including a brief summary of what has happened in the story up to this point.

Sixteen-year-old Ruth was born in an underground colony, whose inhabitants hide from a war-torn, diseased world above. In a moment of blind panic on a brief excursion to the surface, Ruth inadvertently exposes the colony to danger and her resulting punishment is Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 3

So this has been a while coming but I hope you’ll find the wait was worth it! Just to refresh your memory, Chapter 2 ended with Ruth being told that she would have to marry the detestable Guardian Solomon. Read on to see how she reacts. Oh yes, and someone dies in this chapter…


Chapter 3

Ruth stared at Leader Isaac blankly. She could not possibly have heard him correctly.

“Guardian Solomon?” she repeated.

“Yes,” said Isaac. He was still smiling, exposing white, even teeth, but for the first time Ruth noticed that Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 2

Here is Chapter 2 of my new novel, Below Ground. Now you can find out what happens next…


Chapter 2

 The noise was increasing in intensity; whatever was producing it must surely be almost upon her. Screaming and groaning, it surrounded her, echoing around the clearing until she felt like it was inside her, expanding in her throat and choking her with dread. Too terrified to look, she scrunched up her eyes tightly and clung Continue reading

Below Ground – Chapter 1

I am currently nurturing the fledgling beginnings of my second novel, Below Ground, which falls into the category of young adult fiction. It is about a group of people living underground and is told from the point of view of one of the inhabitants, a teenaged girl called Ruth. I am going to reveal the story one chapter at a time – here is the first!


Chapter 1

Ruth opened her eyes and stared into a darkness that was absolute. There was not a pinprick of light, not a shadow that was a shade paler than the rest. The black was impenetrable.

As she always did when she woke, Ruth used Continue reading