Welcome to the website of Irish historical fiction writer Susie Murphy.

Susie loves historical fiction so much that she often wishes she had been born two hundred years ago. Still, she remains grateful for many aspects of the modern age, including women’s suffrage, electric showers and pizza.

She is currently working on her six-book series entitled A Matter of Class, which begins in Ireland in 1828. The first instalment, A Class Apart, is due to be released this year. Sign up to Susie’s newsletter to receive further updates in this area.

You could also check out Susie’s blog, where she writes about various aspects of writing and the publishing industry.

Lastly, to make bookworms drool, here is Susie’s library at home, where the books are organised alphabetically by surname and chronologically by publication (and woe betide anyone who messes with the system – even her husband, who owns most of them):

Full library

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